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Flexible enterprise platform for social collaboration and digital transformation solutions.

Kreeo connects people and information using its award-winning data-aware enterprise platform. Kreeo customers include online communities, growing businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

Simple, secure and smart

Social sharing, content curation, search and suggestion tools enhance collaborative knowledge sharing and discovery. Work with internal and external parties securely.

Connect and present data
from anywhere

Integrate with internal & external data sources and present dynamically. Manage structured and unstructured data with complete control.

Adopt a solution
tailored to your needs

Your processes, lingo and apps - centered around your people - customize Kreeo to fit your unique needs & culture. Deploy as an on-premises server or consume from the cloud.

Kreeo addresses contemporary challenges

Engage users, enable collaboration, focus on task accomplishment and more..

 Things just get lost in the everyday email deluge.  
 Enterprise social is not just about the social. Where's the data focus? 
 Employees need a forum to express themselves. 
Director, HR
 ..we need a platform for self-paced learning and discovery. 
Manager, Learning & Dev.
 Marketing need dashboards on ERP & CRM data.. 
 Team needs to collaborate for submitting proposals and winning bids. 
VP, Sales

Kreeo Platform Highlights

Kreeo is a customizable platform - deployed and configured to suit your exact solution requirements.

Kreeo Social Collaboration Solution is available out of the box. We also provide custom digital transformation solutions, delivered in 1/2 the time and 1/3 the alternate cost.

Connect People and Data

The Kreeo platform is acknowledged for its innovation in enterprise social and knowledge management technology. Kreeo’s enterprise social technology provides more than just a new medium to communicate; Kreeo aids contextual discovery of users, information and internal application content. The platform blends line of business apps, knowledge management and enterprise social technologies that makes for better connected employees and an efficient business.

Customizable and Extensible

Kreeo allows deep customization of the function and behaviour of your social platform. Kreeo lets you modify the interface (down to the last localized label). Kreeo's social graph and data syndication capabilities allow customers to integrate internal applications and data repositories. REST APIs allow integration with internal and external data sources with minimum effort.

Security and Control

Kreeo is secure by design using industry-standard encryption and authentication technologies. Customers can set up granular user and administrator permissions to control access and control. The platform allows customers to work with external agents (e.g.: non-employees, contractors) without compromising on internal data audit and sharing guidelines.

Deployment Choice

Kreeo is available for deployment within your network as an on-premises server or on a Platform as a Service (PaaS) / Cloud platform of choice. Developed using open standards and technologies from the ground up, Kreeo is deployable on a host of server platforms and data center architectures.