Seamless and organized way
to work swiftly across teams

Tool Boy vs Cool Boy

All tools and no work makes Jack a Tool Boy

All work and one tool makes Jack a Cool Boy

Seamless collaboration and flow

Manage work & productivity seamlessly through projects, messaging, discussions and flows for Contact Lead Order Payment Delivery & Support available out of the box. Knit seamless digital flows as required for customer success

Enable your custom digital workplace and business solution scenarios in 1/3rd the time and cost

Bust silos to enable holistic collaboration around content(rich text, files, videos), forms and analytical data(charts/datasets) in a unified experience

Work with internal and external parties securely

Do more with less

Get collaboration, work-flow, analytics and knowledge management as unified capabilities in one product, based on open standards and stack

1/3rd the total cost of ownership(TCO) as compared to Microsoft/IBM/Jive, with near zero support and training requirement

Get on-premises/private cloud deployment within 2 days

Increase information productivity by more than 15% @ cost of coffee / employee

As easy as email

We may have our love-hate relation with email but despite decades of group-ware and collaboration attempts to kill email, it still rocks as the most used tool and user experience

Kreeo attempts to blend the best of email and social collaboration together in a productive user experience

Single way to securely share, organize and act on any object across functions like projects, marketing, sales, support etc.

The adoption barriers reduce due to high relevance for day-to- day work & familiar user experience

One size cannot fit all

Every organization has a different reality and a unique way of working, thus requiring a solution that works for them

But what works is ≠ what you want for your people today. With Kreeo, you get a technology Stack + Framework + Experience that is flexible, versatile, and scalable

Your customized requirements can be fulfilled with easy configuration options and additional objects

Rest can be quickly knitted using the CLAY framework that simplifies implementing custom requirements as new apps