Who uses Kreeo

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

BFSI customers can use Kreeo as a social and knowledge management platform. They use Kreeo to disseminate information to employees and partners securely. They find Kreeo's content & data syndication plus curation capabilities invaluable for providing unified access to business critical information (structured + unstructured).


Customers in the manufacturing industry can use the Kreeo social platform to connect employees across locations. Kreeo's integration capabilities allows line-of-business data to be consumed across functions for dashboards and analytics.

Hi-tech and Information Technology

Kreeo enables fast and secure sharing of ideas across the organization. Customers use Kreeo's content sharing capabilities to enable users to publish content internally and easily tag and organize content. Kreeo's ability to enable employee self-publishing, topic discovery and self-paced learning holds particular relevance for such customers.

Online Communities

Online communities are successful when users engage richly on the interests that brings them together. Kreeo comes fully loaded - with its ability to create custom objects, discussion boards, online chat and social features - to create tightly knit, participative communities.