Kreeo gets it done!

Create a High-performance Digital Workplace

Kreeo's blended social sharing, work-flow, content management and enterprise search experience encourages collaborative knowledge sharing & discovery and helps maintaining utmost compliance.

Timely and relevant information for users

Kreeo enables users to find information quickly through its real-time indexing and search capabilities. Administrators can maintain common tag dictionaries and promote tags relevant to the user community for better reuse and organization.
Web search can be activated for each tag, the system will search the web periodically for related content from relevant sites and present it to users based on their interests.

Make data actionable

The Kreeo platform encourages automated and human curation of data within your organization. The ability to define common tags, contextual tagging suggestions, rule based flows and semantic search capabilities help make your data more actionable.

Encourage Connected Collaboration

Kreeo enhances interactions within your organization and helps users share their knowledge and expertise. Kreeo's social collaboration capabilities like unified Wikis & Micro-blogs, posts, activity streams, bookmarks, and datasets bring users together as part of a collaborative community.

Powerful integration and data aggregation capabilities.

Integrate with internal & external data sources and user directories. Aggregate structured and unstructured data.

Integrate with internal and external networks

Whether it's a core internal application or a web service that you depend on for real-time data, Kreeo can easily integrate with sources by using REST and interconnect APIs.

Enable Big Content & Big Data aggregation

The Kreeo platform's interop layer allows you to connect with any distributed data source and create a unified data model that weaves unstructured content & structured data.
It provides multiple ways to inter-operate and perform read and write operations as required and provisioned.
You can aggregate content from sources like RSS feeds, search providers, custom crawlers, subscriptions and data from providers like Bloomberg, Dow Jones, Reuters and others.

Manage identity and authentication

Kreeo can easily be integrated with your existing identity store. Kreeo supports integration with Active Directory and LDAP.  You can also enable groups of users to use third-party identity providers for authentication.

Create an optimized digital workplace

Your processes, lingo and applications - centered around your people - Kreeo is customizable and adapts to your business.

Strong security and data privacy assurance

Kreeo can be deployed within your organization or on private cloud(any popular platform-as-a-service provider) to keep your data within your control. Kreeo uses strong industry standard encryption and authentication to prevent malicious attacks and data leakage.

Flexible and configurable

Administrators can configure data models and flows to address organization-specific needs. Kreeo supports language & label localization, creation of common tags/labels/collection based semantic taxonomies, and many more features that allow organizations to comprehensively tailor a solution for exact needs.

Create custom objects, flows and apps

Kreeo allows organizations to create data objects and apps that are specific to their lines of business or community activities.