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Want your people to whine, talk trivial, dance, share pointlessly in silos OR meaningfully collaborate for knowledge?

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"Synergize your Corporate Mind"

The name "Kreeo" is a combination of Sanskrit "Kriya" and Latin "Creo" , meaning "activity" and "to create", respectively. Kreeo, thus, stands for creating knowledge through the activity of networking and collaboration.

Even with decades of evolution of search, KM and collaboration technologies, your employees spend 1/3 of their productive day looking for the relevant. The legacy paradigms and technologies have not been able to keep pace with the ever increasing clutter and information overload. Even the popular contemporary tools rather create more clutter, which eats up productive time of your employees and other stakeholders.

Moreover, with generations of software from variety of vendors & incremental IT innovation, information sharing is needlessly and unproductively split across multiple silos. This has further complicated the information discovery challenge for businesses.

We need to reduce the cost of information work (currently approx. 80% of salary costs) and TCO of technology while remaining relevant in a world where you need to manage large amounts of data. The data also needs to be intelligently analyzed and shared across your ecosystem in real time. This just in time and relevant discovery enhances productivity.

Kreeo is a next generation technology conceived and developed from scratch to overcome the above challenges through its innovative collective intelligence paradigm and knowledge framework. Kreeo ensures your employees are more productive and solve business problems with much better success rate while leaving a trail for others to follow.

We strive to facilitate better expression, creation and management of knowledge in ecosystems and to address the needs of a future driven by BigData, Open Data and Linked Data.

Kreeo for Enterprise

As of now, we provide Kreeo with customization and other services to our enterprise customers on onetime license basis for on-premise or private cloud deployment. SaaS version of Kreeo will be launched soon. In the meanwhile, if you wish to try Kreeo, sign up under Everyone option and use the open portal. You can also write to us for a demo or an on-premise trial/PoC.

To know more you may write to us at enterprise@kreeo.com or click here

Kreeo for Everyone

You can also use the global open portal for free; just sign up under Everyone option and start using it to manage your personal knowledge and collaborate with others under one roof. Invite your friends to join you to collaboratively create and share knowledge in the spaces around your interest.

Kreeo Business Benefits

Kreeo is designed keeping in mind the problems faced by enterprise today. For most of the contemporary technology alternatives, you end up spending a lot on support, customization, maintenance and training besides high license costs. Apart from the cost, there are many challenges faced in enabling the required functionality. Kreeo overcomes such challenges through a technology with minimal TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and enhanced productivity. The key benefits of using Kreeo technology are:

1. Unified Paradigm:

Kreeo helps get rid of silos and unifies multiple use cases and technology capabilities like CMS, Search, web 2.0 Collaboration etc. under one hood. No need to have CMS, Document Management, enterprise search, wiki, blogs, Q&A etc. as silos.

2. Lower TCO:

Kreeo is entirely based on open standards. Hence, it requires comparatively a fractional effort for customization and maintenance which drastically reduces your TCO. Moreover, it runs on minimal hardware and saves capex.

3. New Possibilities with 4-in-1 Framework:

With Kreeo, you can keep adding new apps on the same platform in very less time and with much less cost, as it unifies the capabilities provided by Social Computing, PaaS, BigData and Integration tools in one lean framework with hybrid data management capabilities. This allows to you get applications that are lean, agile and enable use cases that were not possible before.

4. Zero Support & Training with Infinite Scale:

If your people never required any training or support to use a Gmail or a Facebook then why do they need it for enterprise software? That's what drives Kreeo to deliver a technology that enables people to learn just by reading an email or watch a video. Also, Kreeo is entirely manageable using an admin console. Moreover, the web grade technology infrastructure used to power Kreeo is similar to what is used by leading web portals today. The technology requires minimal maintenance and can scale up easily.

5. Reduced Adoption Challenge:

No technology can guarantee adoption but a good and easy to use technology that solves real problems significantly reduces the challenge. Kreeo provides you with such a technology option.

6. Easy Application Integration:

Kreeo enables near real time integration and transport of data among applications as it comes bundled with world class transport and MQ layer powered by ZeroMQ. It can even be used to integrate with applications outside the enterprise like real time feed from Stock Exchange, LinkedIn, and SaaS Apps etc.

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